2001 NISSAN SENTRA Equipment Electrical problems & defects.

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NISSAN SENTRA Equipment Electrical problems : 1.

My Engine Failed Again While Driving 70 Mphs On The Freeway, The Very Day After The Car Had Been Repaired For Yet Another Defect Sensor. It Was A Miracle I Did Not Crash And Kill Anyone Including Myself. Each And Every Time I Have Taken The Car In, I Have Requested It Be Checked For A Short In The Wiring. Each Time I Was Told No. I Later Learned Thar Meant If It Didn’t Show Up On The Computer, Then They Wouldn’t Look For It Specifically. Following The Latest Hazard, I Got In nissan‘s Face. nissan Found A Defect Oxygen Sensor This Time. Upon Retesting The Vehicle, The Emc (the Brain Of The Vehicle) Was Found To Be Defective. I Was Also Told Had I Driven The Car Any Longer, The Air Conditioning Unit Would Have Blown Too. Well, That Explains All The Lousy Gas Mileage This Past Year. So, Here It Is A Week Later And My Vehicle Remains In The Shop With A Back Ordered Emc With No Available Stock Date In Sight. I Am Renting A Vehicle And Am Receiving Very Little Assistance From nissan As To Getting A Rental Vehicle In The Meantime. I Am Quite Concerned I Have Purchased A Brand New Spanking Yellow Lemon. I Am Quite Concerned This Vehicle, Even With A New Emc, Will Produce Other Defective Sensors Once The Warranty Has Expired Due To Wear And Tear From The Old One. There Are 45 Sensors In The Vehicle And Only 5-10 Have Blown So Far. I Am Quite Certain Others Are Close To Failure Too. I Am Just As Concerned When Both The nissan Representative And The Service Manager Told Me This Part Has Been On Back Order For A Very Long Time As So Many Vehicles Have Endured This Problme, That The Vehicle Has Not Yet Been Recalled.

Vehicle was involved in a crash. Mileage was 0 miles. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):3N1CB51D71L. NISSAN SENTRA 2001 problem was reported in COSTA MESA, CA. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. NISSAN SENTRA 2001 TRANSMISSION TYPE: MAN .

Apr 15, 2002

2001 NISSAN SENTRA problems and complaints, and up-to-date recall information. If you are researching a used NISSAN SENTRA, driving a 2001 NISSAN SENTRA, or if you are planning to purchase one, review owner-reported Equipment Electrical problems and defects.

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