2005 NISSAN ARMADA Electrical System Alternator, Generator, Regulator problems & defects.

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NISSAN ARMADA Electrical System Alternator, Generator, Regulator problems : 1.

I Purchased A Used 2005 nissan armada On May 22, 2006 With A Mileage Of 34,399 Miles. As You Can See I Haven’t Had It For A 2 Full Months Yet, And Already It Has Failed Me. On My Way Home From Work After Working 16 Hours. I Stopped In A Record Shop To Purchase Some Music Cd’s, It Had Only Been About 15 Minutes That The Engine Was Shut Off. When I Proceeded Back To My Vehicle To Start It Back Up, It Wouldn’t Start. I Therefore Called Aaa, They Came In A Matter Of Minutes, They Tried For 45 Minutes To Give It A Boost But It Just Wouldn’t Start, So Therefore Aaa Had To Send A Flat Bed Tow Truck To Tow It Back To The Dealer. I Contacted The Dealer Where I Purchased The Vehicle From, They Informed Me That The Service Department Was Closed, So Now I Have To Take Off A Day Of Work To Have This Vehicle Towed On Monday. The Catch 22 Is They Can’t Promise Me A Loaner, And They Are Not Even Sure If They Can Reimburse My Towing Fees. As A Consumer Who Is A Single Parent Of 4 Working 16 Hours A Day 5 Days A Week, I’m Taking This All The Way To The Top. The End Results That Would Be To My Satisfaction Is To Give Me A Brand New 2006 armada With 0 Mileage. The Dealer Did Not Service This Car Properly. I Conducted A Carfax Report On My Vehicle And It Stated That This Vehicle Was Used As A Rental In Maryland. I Don’t Want Them To Fix It, They Are Assuming Its The Alternator Or The Starter, In Which Should Not Be Happening To What Is Considered To Be A New Truck. I Feel Once They Fix That Problem, Another Problem Will Occur. I Am A Very Dissatisfied Customer, I Feel I Was Taken For My Money Because I Am A Woman. I Will Be Contacting Consumer Affairs & Ny1 News Station To Get The Satisfaction I Deserve. *jb

0 person(s) were injured. 0 person(s) died. Mileage was 36885 miles. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):5N1AA08B05N. NISSAN ARMADA 2005 problem was reported in BROOKLYN, NY. Vehicle was purchased on 20060522. Vehicle was using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. Vehicle was using Cruise Control.Vehicle had 8 CYLINDERS. NISSAN ARMADA 2005 drive type:4WD. FUEL SYSTEM:Fuel injection. FUEL TYPE: GAS. NISSAN ARMADA 2005 TRANSMISSION TYPE: AUTO. VEHICLE SPEED: 50 mph. DEALER’S NAME: MAJORWORLD . DEALER’S TELEPHONE NUMBER: 7189373700 . DEALER’S CITY: LONG ISLAND CITY . DEALER’S STATE CODE: NY. DEALER’S ZIPCODE: 11101 .

July 15, 2006

2005 NISSAN ARMADA problems and complaints, and up-to-date recall information. If you are researching a used NISSAN ARMADA, driving a 2005 NISSAN ARMADA, or if you are planning to purchase one, review owner-reported Electrical System Alternator, Generator, Regulator problems and defects.

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