2015 Nissan Xterra Vehicle Speed Control problems, defects and reviews. Updated December 20, 2016

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Nissan Xterra Vehicle Speed Control problems and reviews: 1.

Are you driving a 2015 Nissan Xterra, or planning to buy one? Review reported Vehicle Speed Control problems and defects.

Vehicle Speed Control Nissan 2015
Valley Springs, CA
Model Xterra
System Vehicle Speed Control
Speed 20

nissan xterra 2015 Purchased On 3/14/2015. Odometer At 4200 Miles. vehicle Has Loss Of Power For Approximately 30 Seconds. Vdc Dash Indicator Turns On. Sometimes Accompanied By Metallic Grinding Noise As If The Abs System Has Turned On. This Has Occurred Several Times Always On Dry Asphalt Pavement. Usually After A 90 Degree Turn. Although Has Also Happened Previously For A Second Or Two When Moderately Accelerating From A Stop Control. Checked Tire Pressures And It Is Within Normal Limits (i.e. 38-40 Psi) This Has Occurred 3 Times Prior For Shorter Intervals. However The Problem Is Getting Worse Since It Has Now Subsequently Occurred Two Times On 6/28/2015 For Approximately 30 Seconds Each Time. Note, I Have Video Record Of Both Occurances On 6/28/2015 Of The Dash Panel And Roadway Showing The Problem, Vdc Indicator Light, Accompanying Grinding Noise, And Lack Of Acceleration. The Second Time The vehicle Would Not Accelerate Past 10 Mph And I Had To Pull Over To The Shoulder To Allow A Following vehicle To Safely Pass. The vehicle Speed In Initiating The Turn Is Usually Around 20 Mph. Took vehicle Previously To Stockton, Ca nissan Dealer Service Department On 6/23/2015. They Had The vehicle For 3 Days. Service Tech Test Drove vehicle And Replicated Problem, But According To The Service Rep For Only A Very Short Time And In A U-turn. This Is Indicated On The Service Paperwork. Service Rep Said No Obd2 Codes Were Recorded. Service Tech Called nissan Tech Line Who Told Him This Is “normal”. It Should Be Noted That Service Tech Did Not Get Noise And Loss Of Power To Occur For 30 Seconds So Probably Told nissan Tech Line That Is Was Only For A Short Time In A U-turn.

0 person(s) were injured. 0 person(s) died. Mileage was 4200 miles. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):5N1AN0NW0FN. Nissan Xterra 2015 problem was reported in VALLEY SPRINGS, CA. Vehicle was not using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. VEHICLE SPEED: 20 mph.

June 28, 2015

2015 Nissan Xterra problems and complaints, up-to-date recall information and reviews. If you are researching a used Nissan Xterra, driving a 2015 Nissan Xterra, or if you are planning to purchase one, review owner-reported NissanVehicle Speed Control problems and defects.

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