NISSAN 240sx Service Brakes, Hydraulic,switches,brake Warning Recall | July 25, 1994

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1994 NISSAN 240sx Service Brakes, Hydraulic,switches,brake Warning Recall | July 25, 1994

The Instrument Panel Brake Warning Light Will Not Illuminate When The Brake Fluid Level In The Master Cylinder Drops Sufficiently To Activate The Low Level Switch Due To An Improperly Wired Diode, Required By Fmvss No. 105, “hydraulic Brake Systems.”

Consequence Of Non-compliance: There Would Be No Indication To The Driver Of The Vehicle That Brake Fluid Was Low. Low Brake Fluid Can Be Caused By A Leak In The System Which May Result In Partial Or Complete Loss Of Brakes And An Accident.

Summary Of Corrective Actions Taken: Dealers Will Correct The Electrical Circuit For The Brake Warning System So That The Warning Lamp Will Illuminate When The Low Level Switch Is Activated.

System: Brakes; Hydraulic; Lamp Light; Brake Warning; Fmvss 105.vehicle Description: Passenger Cars.note: If Your Vehicle Is Presented To An Authorized Dealer On An Agreed Upon Service Date And The Remedy Is Not Provided Within A Reasonable Time And Free Of Charge, Or The Remedy Does Not Correct The Defect Or Noncompliance, Please Contact Nissan Service Center At 1-800-647-7261. Also, Contact The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Auto Safety Hotline At 1-800-424-9393.

This recall was issued on July 25, 1994 for 1994 NISSAN 240sx, manufactured by NISSAN NORTH AMERICA, INC., in response to Service Brakes, Hydraulic,switches,brake Warning problems.

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